Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter Discography


Since leaving Mott at the end of 1974, Ian has recorded fourteen (and counting!) mostly brilliant studio albums and several live albums. There have also been a number of compilation albums.

All albums listed here have at some point been released on CD, although some may now be deleted.

Original albums

This section lists the original albums released by Ian Hunter, where new and/or previously unreleased material predominates.

Compilations and retrospectives

This section lists best-of compilations and retrospective releases, albums where previously-released material predominates.

Archive and historic releases

This section lists archive and other historic releases, albums where previously-unreleased material predominates.

Collaborations, guest appearances, etc.

Ian has collaborated on a number of albums by other artists. Usually this has been in his role as producer, where he maybe has supplied keyboards or backing vocals on one or more tracks. The list is quite large, and the completist is referred to Sven Gusevik's Outsider fanzine, where he has listed all such albums.

I will, however, list those collaborations where Ian's contribution is significant, supplying vocals on at least one track.

Images of LP sleeves are for illustrative purposes only. Copyright remains vested in the individual record companies. * in the track listings denotes a bonus track on the remastered/reissued CD (ie a track not on the original LP/CD).