Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ringo Starr CD: "Ringo and His New All-Starr Band"

Sleeve and track listing

King Biscuit 7930188003. (4 stars!)

  1. Photograph (4:21)
  2. Act Naturally (2:32)
  3. Logical Song (3:55)
  4. No One Is To Blame (6:11)
  5. Yellow Submarine (3:07)
  6. Give A Little Bit (5:13)
  7. You're Sixteen (2:37)
  8. The No-No Song (3:20)
  9. Back Off Boogaloo (3:57)
  10. Glamorous Life (9:18)
  11. I Wanna Be Your Man (4:01)
  12. Lucky Man (4:44)
  13. Take The Long Way Home (4:44)
  14. All The Young Dudes (5:35)
  15. Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go (4:39)
  16. With A Little Help From My Friends (5:34)

Running time: 73m 57s


You all know Ringo Starr, and his musical legacy should hopefully speak for itself. These days he puts together a band comprising 'name' musicians he calls the All-Starr Band and hits the road, 2001 being the seventh time he did this and by all accounts with the most diverse group of musicians ever. Just look at the line-up: Starr (natch), Sheila E (Prince and the Revolution), Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople), Howard Jones (solo star in the 80's) and Greg Lake (ELP) - this couldn't possibly work, could it? You bet you life it could...

Right from the first crash of guitars in Photograph, you know this is a band that is cookin'. The audience are up for it as well, whether it is on Beatles' favourites like Yellow Submarine or on Prince's Glamorous Life the band work the crowd to the full with all concerned enjoying every minute of it. Hit after hit with sufficient variety to please every section of the crowd, whether it is Supertramp's Give a Little Bit, Greg Lake's Lucky Man, Howard Jones' No One Is To Blame or Ian raising the roof with All The Young Dudes.

This isn't just a good live album, it is an excellent one. About half way through you begin to realise just how clean the sound is. If only all live albums were like this! The shame of it is that the All Starr tours seem to be a Stateside thing - if only he'd brought the band to the UK/Europe! If you were there this CD will bring back some happy memories, and if you weren't then you'll be green with envy at what you missed.

There is also a DVD of this show - highly recommended.