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This page last updated 21st September 2017.


Overend Watts solo album released

Mott bassist Overend Watts' long-awaited solo album was released on 1st September 2017 on Angel Air. In keeping with his sense of humour he stipulated that it only be released posthumously and that it be called He's Real Gone. Tracks are as follows:

  1. She’s Real Gone
  2. The Dinosaw Market
  3. Caribbean Hate Song
  4. He’d Be A Diamond
  5. The Legend Of Redmire Pool
  6. Prawn Fire On Uncle Sheep Funnel
  7. Belle Of The Boot
  8. There's Berkeley Power Station
  9. The Magic Garden
  10. Endless Night
  11. Rise Up
  12. The Search
  13. Miss Kingston
  14. Born Late 58 (demo)

The album includes Overend's original demo for Born Late 58 (which he sang on The Hoople in 1974). Catalogue number is SJPCD050.

14th September 2017

East Coast USA dates in November

Some East Coast dates have been announced for November 2017:

  • 17th November 2017 - Outpost in the Burbs, First Congregational Church, Montclair NJ
  • 18th November 2017 - City Winery, Boston MA
  • 24th November 2017 - Stage One, Fairfield CT
  • 25th November 2017 - Tupelo Music hall, Gerry NH

10th August 2017

Richie Anderson has passed away

Mott The Hoople's original roadie, Richie Anderson, has passed away. He was with the band from the beginning (before even Philip John joined) and was with them until the end. After Mott split he joined Queen's road crew. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

10th March 2017

Overend Watts has passed away

Mott's bass player, Overend Watts has passed away aged 69 after a long battle with throat cancer. He died peacefully in his sleep on Sunday 22nd January. He is survived by his sister Jane. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

23rd January 2017

Massive 30-disc box released

The long-awaited 30-disc Ian Hunter box set was released on 21st October 2016. Called Stranded In Reality it covers Ian's solo output from 1975 to 2015 (ie no Mott content or any of his pre-Mott career).

There are 17 original albums on 19 CDs, and 2 DVDs and 9CDs of rare, live and unreleased material. It also includes an 88-page book with track-by-track info and a signed Alien Boy lithograph. Price is £250 (OK, £249.99, about $300).

Further details are on Proper's Stranded In Reality page. A seven-track sampler, Sampling In Reality, is available now at a slightly more reasonable £7 (about $10). Further details are on Proper's Sampling In Reality page.

27th October 2016

New album released September

Ian Hunter's latest album, titled Fingers Crossed, was released on September 16th. The track listing is as follows:

  1. That's When The Trouble Starts
  2. Dandy
  3. Ghosts
  4. Fingers Crossed
  5. White House
  6. Bow Street Runners
  7. Morpheus
  8. Stranded In Reality
  9. You Can't Live In the Past
  10. Long Time

Initial orders received a free mp3 download of the non-album track Seein' Red.

The first single from the album was Ian's tribute to David Bowie, Dandy. There are links to audio for this on Proper's website and on Ian's website.

22nd November 2016

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