Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter CDs: "Original Album Classics"

Sleeve and track listing

Sony/Columbia 88691968612 (4 stars!)

For track listings, please see the individual album reviews:

  1. Ian Hunter
  2. All American Alien Boy
  3. Overnight Angels


This 3-CD set is not an album as such, nor is it a compilation. Instead it is a neat box set comprising the three CBS-era albums Ian Hunter released between 1975 and 1977.

Ian Hunter and Overnight Angels are as per the most recent reissues (complete with bonus tracks), each in an individual slip-case but minus any sleeve notes. All American Alien Boy is as per the 2000 reissue - no bonus tracks, but you do get the alternate version of Rape (with the Singin' In The Rain intro). The three themselves are then presented in a slim slip-case which fits neatly on any CD shelf.

Ian Hunter was Ian's first solo album after leaving Mot The Hoople and includes the hit Once Bitten Twice Shy. As with the latest reissue there is a whole host of bonus tracks.

All American Alien Boy from 1976 is very different in style and more of a 'solo' album (with session musicians, of course) compared with the previous album (which could be viewed as a 'band' album).

Overnight Angels from 1977 is firmly back in the 'rocker' mould but let down by the glossy production which in my opinion doesn't suit Ian. None the less, it is a mostly good but often overlooked album. The only bonus track is the non-LP single England Rocks (which would later be reworked as Cleveland Rocks).

There are no sleeve notes, but for three CDs at a shade under £11 I say "bargain"!