Ian Hunter live in 1990


Very few Hunter/Mott albums came with lyrics, so we have attempted to rectify the situation with the "lyrics project". This involved listening to every record, every song, and trying to figure out what the lyrics are. The results are presented here.

There are still a small number of albums still to be transcribed; if you can help, then please do!

We also have guitar tablature for a few songs. Again, this is just one or two fans helping with this, so if you can help then please do.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: These lyrics are presented for information/educational purposes only. Due to the possibility of mis-hearing, we cannot vouch for their accuracy. Copyright remains vested in the lawful copyright holders.

Mott the Hoople


Non-LP singles, B-sides, rare tracks, etc

Ian Hunter


Non-LP singles, B-sides, rare tracks, etc



Non-LP singles, B-sides, rare tracks, etc

British Lions

Overend Watts


On the lyrics pages themselves, I tend to credit the person who first transcribed the song/album. Sterling work has been done, however, by those who proof-read contributions and suggested alternatives. Therefore I would like to thank the following, who helped either by transcribing songs, or by suggesting corrections: Jon Anthony, Nicole Apostola, Lee Argus, Bob Arnot, David Arnson, Kevin Austen, Dennis Battiparano, Dave Bell, Dave Berry, John Bopp, John O. Brevik, Mike Bunyard, Olivier Burggraaff, Carrie Campagna, Hope Campbell, Martin Castrogiovanni, Marshall Clay, Dave Clymer, Paul Coombs, Rick Cormier, Cathy Dobransky, "Desert Dave", Pierre Douglas, Gregg Erwin, John F, Jay Fash, Darryl Flack, Colin Ford, Marcus Forest, Rob Giles, Fara Goodman, Jeff Goodner, Dale Griffin, Ged Haney, Dave Harms, Jim Hartway, Andrew Hedgecock, Keith Hollinshead, iowa@mail.utexas.edu, Anthony Joel, Laura J Kettner, Jim Kettner, Laura Kettner, James A. Kuykendall, Paul Limbrick, Greg Luker, Thomas Lyday, "Jetts" (enerjetts@webtv.com), Jim Madden, Angus P. MacDonald, Jeremy McGonnell, Steve Meyer, Mick Mitchell, Bard Moen, Paul Morrison, Joshua Mortensen, Gary Mottola, PTCnTRT@aol.com, Rory Musil, Steve Norgrove, Kevin O'Hare, Robert "Riff Thunder" Pisarek, Ed Prestas, Lori Pugh, Just a Buzz, Larry Reed, Oystein Reiersen, Scott Reppert, Kerry Rex, Brent Riegel-Coursey, Tracy Riddle, Gavin Robertson, Donna Rosenburg, John Rossington, Gareth Rowell, Marc Sansoucy, Lew Scannon, Eric Schenk, Mark Shewczyk, Edward Shirley, Keri Sibley, Andy Sibson, Sean, G. Mick Smith, Mike Sodl, Jerry Sousa, Sean M. Symborski, TeddyB1018@aol.com, Rob Thormeyer, Don Tracy, Derek Warren, Martin Warren, Michael Wilcox, Roy Wildman, Howard Zilbert, Wim Woittiez ...and anyone else I've forgotten!

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