Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Mott The Hoople CDs: "Original Album Classics"

Sleeve and track listing

Sony/Columbia 88697445512 (4 stars!)

For track listings, please see the individual album reviews:

  1. All The Young Dudes
  2. Mott
  3. The Hoople
  4. Drive On
  5. Shouting And Pointing


This 5-CD set is not an album as such, nor is it a compilation. Instead it is a neat box set comprising the three CBS-era albums Mott The Hoople released, together with the two albums they released following Ian Hunter's departure.

All five are as per the most recent reissues (complete with bonus tracks), each in an individual slip-case but minus any sleeve notes. The five themselves are then presented in a slim slip-case which fits neatly on any CD shelf.

All The Young Dudes was, of course, their breakthrough album and includes the hit of the same name. The remastering brings more power and bite to the tracks that was somehow stifled on the original vinyl.

Mott is the highlight of their career, and a rock classic - a must for anybody's collection.

The Hoople from 1974 is more keyboard orientated and maybe suffers in comparison from the "follow that, then" syndrome. It's still a good album, tho'.

Drive On, recorded after the departure of Ian Hunter suffers from the lack of really good songs. If it was a debut album from a new band it would be very good, but from a well-established band it should perhaps have been better. Shouting And Pointing is better, but singer Nigel Benjamin was to leave soon afterwards which resulted in the demise of a fine band.

Inclusion of the two post-Hunter albums is stretching things somewhat, as it was a different band (as hinted at by the name change to MOTT). There's nothing here for the fan who already has the individual albums, but for the fan wishing to investigate Mott The Hoople beyond the compilations this is worthy of consideration. The best part is the price. I paid £15 - for a 5-CD collection, that's excellent value for money!