Mott LP/CD: "Drive On"

Sleeve and track listing

Sony/Rewind 487237 2. (3 stars!)

  1. By Tonight (3:46)
  2. Monte Carlo (4:42)
  3. She Does It (3:29)
  4. I'll Tell You Something (4:26)
  5. Stiff Upper Lip (4:39)
  6. Love Now (2:50)
  7. Apologies (0:50)
  8. The Great White Wail (5:11)
  9. Here We Are (5:30)
  10. It Takes One To Know One (4:32)
  11. I Can Show You How It Is (2:52)

Running time: 42m 53s


This, the first Mott album after Ian Hunter's departure, is a difficult one. Mott had to find a replacement guitarist (again!) and, more importantly, a replacement vocalist/front-man. After listening to some 150 hopefuls, they chose the then-unknown Nigel Benjamin.

This is, in many ways then, a new band. If I reviewed it in this light, then I would give it a very positive thumbs-up. However, Mott with Hunter had recorded some seven studio albums (plus a killer live album). On that basis, this album is somewhat lacking.

Ian Hunter had, along with Mick Ralphs, written most of Mott's songs. With both now gone the song-writing duties were taken on by Overend. He does his best, but the remaining Motts weren't (yet) contributing, and the songs lack Hunter's incisive perception and style.

Oh, this album certainly has its moments. By Tonight is a tight opener and Monte Carlo (the first single) rocks. But there is too much filler, and Love Now is just peurile cock-rock at its most basic. Latter-day Mott The Hoople were recording five-star smashes, but this one rates no more than a three.

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