Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Mott The Hoople unofficial LP: "The Golden Age of Mott The Hoople"

Sleeve and track listing

ALAGA 1009 (2 stars!)

Side 1

  1. American Pie
  2. Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll
  3. Sucker
  4. Roll Away The Stone

Side 2

  1. Sweet Jane
  2. All The Way From Memphis
  3. One Of The Boys
  4. Drivin' Sister/Crash Street Kidds/Violence
  5. All The Young Dudes


Golden Age is a single LP and is a different show than Rest In Peace and Behind Enemy Lines (although obviously the same tour and practically the same set list). The date and venue are not listed on the LP sleeve, but the show is identical to a tape that is circulating of the Expo, Portland ME show, so we assume this is the correct venue.

The sound is definitely inferior to Rest In Peace, with very little bottom end, it being an average audience recording for the period. The LP itself is pretty rare, and so may be worth picking up on that basis alone. However, better recordings than this exist of the 74 US tour, so really this LP is for completists only.