Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 Tour - Berlin

Friday, Nov 21st 1997, Ian Hunter, Quasimodo, Berlin

The Quasimodo is mainly a jazz club near the station Zoologischer Garten in the center of the west Berlin city. but sometimes they have rock artists. Herman Brood comes every year in the wintertime for a week. once in the late 80ies I saw Tom Verlaine there which was great.

Now Ian Hunter (first time in my life). When we arrived the room was already crowded (could have been sold out).

Somewhere in was a break but not as long that I would speak of an encore. It was a very good gig. the band and the audience (around 200 people) loved it.

Finally I gave a backstage man my 1969 Island edition of the first Mott lp. hey, and I got it back with Ian's autograph 2 minutes later. Thanx a lot Ian & band. Hope to see you soon again.

Excuse bad English


(Juergen Rossbach)