Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 Tour - Uppsala

I would like to contibute with the songlist from yesterdays SUPERB Ian Hunter-concert. He played at Fredmans, a pub in Uppsala, an hour north of Stockholm. Here is the songs he did:

  1. OBTS
  2. Who do you love
  3. Angeline
  4. Boy(unbelievable)
  5. Now is the time
  6. Something to believe in (Ian said "I would like to do a philosophical song, a philosophical song is TOO LONG and has TOO MANY WORDS")
  7. I wish I was your mother
  8. 23A Swan Hill
  9. Resurrection Mary
  10. Waterlow(!!!)
  11. Bastard
  12. Just another night
  13. Roll away the stone


  1. Michael Picasso(band version)
  2. Irene Wilde
  3. ATYD/Saturday gigs

As I said, superb! After the show we met kind Kris Gray from Out of time productions.

He took us backstage to meet Ian and the band. We asked if any of the gigs on this tour was recorded, just imagine this setlist on a live CD, but sadly nothing has been recorded. Kris said: Keep telling Ian that a live CD is a good idea, he need to hear it from his fans. Ian told us about his 1971-tour memories from Uppsala. MTH played at Uppsala University and the teachers there was discussing if Ian was "a human being" or not. The story is in Diary of a rrstar too. Ian also said: I dont want you to dance this time, I just want you to listen. Photos were taken, autographs were written and we were all so happy...

Thats all for now. A tour report will follow.

(Wille Ahnberg)