Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 UK Tour - Dudley

Another storming concert. News received before it that the VH - 1 appearance had been cancelled because of a bereavement in Alan Young's family. Kris Gray is hoping that the band will be able to do an appearance on Later with Jools Holland though. Our thoughts are with you Alan.

Ian's eldest son was also there and I saw him hanging around at the end waiting on his Dad. Met Nigel (who ate all the pies) Woodall, Phil Holbrook (and daughter), Steve Hill and Bobby Lochrie (Also wearing a kilt) and my mates Mick & Jan Graham. What nice, generous people us fans are!

Darrell Bath was resplendent in an Ice Blue suit. Set List:

  1. OBTS
  2. Who do you love
  3. Angeline
  4. Boy
  5. Now is the time (urged crowd to use the bar, as last time they were there the bar takings were down on the night)
  6. Something to believe in
  7. I wish I was your Mother (This is how boys think sometimes - when they're f***ed up - if you get bored with the song watch Cuddeford P playing Balilika and flaking out)
  8. 23A Swan Hill (My dad was born in 1912 and my mum in 1916 - they had a lot to put up with including two wars which we wont mention when we go to Germany on tour)
  9. Resurrection Mary
  10. Waterlow (dedicated to DJ Andy Dunkley who was there) 
  11. F*** it up
  12. Bastard (said he would do some request when he comes back next year). Ian spotted a couple of young men at the front and said "we have Spotties in the house - we don't trust anyone under 30 as they give us such a hard time.You guys are exempt as you obviuosly have good taste in coming to a decent concert")
  13. Just Another Night
  14. Roll Away the stone


  1. Letter to Britannia 1st verse
  2. All the way from Memphis
  3. Keep a Knockin (The 50s was the best decade for Rock n Roll never mind the 60s and 70s)
  4. Irene Wilde


  1. Cleveland Rocks (Has been asked to throw the first pitch when Cleveland Indians play Atlanta or Florida.Ian is very excited about this because you get given the ball to keep and it's like money in the bank)
  2. Michael Picasso (I wish people could learn to keep quiet during it)
  3. ATYD
  4. Band intros
  5. Saturday Gigs

2 1/4 hours long

Cuddles showed us his bleeding fingers after the show which comes of playing the guitar like a balilika. Cuddles was not wearing his usual dark glasses - said they were still in the flat after his girlfriend threw him out)

Darrell was interested to see my box set of YANAWAS and asked if the CD was as trebly as the vinyl.Had to tell him that I hadn't listened to vinyl for about 15 years since my flat was broken into, and all my vinyl was stolen & since then I had only been interested in CDs.

Alan Young said it had been a bad week for him - enough said

Ian Gibbons said he had got into the band through Kris Gray at Citadel records

Paul Francis - what a nice bloke

Ian - thanked me for coming down and asked if I had met the other people from Scotland (The Lochries) Ian looked a bit tired after signing autographs and receiving fans in the dressing room for about 40 minutes.

The next morning Ann and myself took the opportunity to visit Barker St & 23a Swan Hill. We then went to Oswestry to see the terraced house in York Street where Ian was born.

(Len Costello)