Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 UK Tour - York

Yet another fantastic night,very hot,sound slightly distorted on first 3 songs,but over 2 hours of pure magic.Same set list as before with an added bonus of Ian + guitar singing Standing in my Light then Sweet Jane then joined by Darryl on electric for Be Bop Alula ( is that right ) and finished off with Keep a Knockin. He was also joined on stage by Geoff Appleby ( Bass player Ian Hunter Lp. ) He was on stage for a while ( in a wheelchair, dont know the story ) and sang on Dudes.

Some people in the crowd were shouting for Ariel Bender, and when Ian was doing his chit chat some-one shouted "Get on with it" Ian soon put a stop to it.

Overall I was most impressed with Ian and with all of the band Can't wait to see him again.

For those who want to know the support was a local Band called Breathe, who weren't to bad 6/10.

(Julian Richardson)