Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 UK Tour - Falkirk

The Martell, Falkirk

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I have just returned from the best gig I have ever been to. This far surpasses the performance on Sunday at falkirk's Pavillion. Ian is obviously happier in a club full of people than a venue which is half filled. He will return after this great gig.

I reckon there was about 200+ people there. The doors opened at 8 pm and two support acts kept all the fans waiting until Ian came on at 10pm. Ian & band were in stonking form and the set lasted a full two hours. There had been a balls up over the date of the gig but my fears of a farce weren't realised.

Set list

*Can't remember excatly this was,as it is now very late!

The band were tight as a duck's arse , Ian describing Ian Gibbons as "diminutive but melodic", "mighty" Alan Young on drums, Paul Francis "Britain's first million pound football player", "Cuddles" Cuddeford and Darrell Bath.

After the show Ian signed numerous autographs - his patience is almost Godlike. He signed a copy of All American Alien Boy for my wife and told her that it was Mick's favourite. He then gave her a short rendition of GOD. If Ian ever returns to this country he will definitely be playing the Martell again.

(Len Costello)