Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 UK Tour - Chester

A cosy little venue! Well, small really, like having Ian playing in your living room! The owner said he'd sold 150 tickets, if so he must have been breaking some sort of regulation somewhere. But never mind it was a good night. Set list as best as I remember was

For those who are interested some snippets of the "banter". Ian said he thought Waterlow was the best song he'd ever written for Mott. He again said that 23A Swan Hill was where he'd lived with his parents. He also mentioned going to Butlins and never returning home! (Butlins is/was a chain of family holiday resorts in the UK. I always remember my father referring to it as National Service without the square bashing!). Before doing Bastard someone shouted for The Outsider. Ian replied that he tries to think what the audience would like to hear and although he was gratified that someone knew it the problem was he didn't know it himself!

Anyway I've got it all to come again tonight at Rhyl!

(Dave Davies)