Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 UK Tour - Glasgow

Just a quick tour report as the title suggests. Good show, similar set list to the last tour. Definitely missing were The Moon Upstairs and Memphis from what I remember of the last tour (plus The Truth, The Whole Truth.. - I can't remember if it was played last time or not), with Waterlow, Just Another Night and a new song Salvation added. Boy was also played and I can't remember if that was in the set last time.

Salvation was good but sounded VERY similar to It Ain't Easy When You Fall in the last few minutes. It may have sounded like that all the way through but that's when it hit me. Good performance, but in a bigger (seated) venue than when I saw him in May so not quite the same buzz. But still damn fine! Different T-shirts as well.

Graham Stuart

600 Scots saw Ian in a strorming set at the Pavillion Glasgow.The place holds 1600 but nevertheless there was still a fantastic atmosphere downstairs.

Set List:

Band intros "Cuddeford P" now known as "Cuddles", Britains first million pound footballer Trevor Francis on bass, Alan Young on drums, Ian "Gibbo" Gibbons straight from the Kinks on keyboards and Darrell Bath on lead Guitar


Ian referred to having lived in the Peacock Cross area of Hamilton from the age of 6 weeks until he was four years old. He said that he was not born in Hamilton though. The house that he used to live in at Peacock Cross is now a Massage Parlour.

Ian said that his life story is told in the film starring David Essex where he leaves home to go and work in Butlins holiday camp "minus Ringo" (Stardust or That'll be the day not sure which one)

Ian is returning to Scotland on Wednesday 10/9/97 after Rhyll for a gig at MARTELLS in my home town of Falkirk. Pay at the door as no tickets can be obtained in advance. Gig starts at 8 pm.

Len Costello