Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 UK Tour - South Shields 29th May 1997

The Cellar Club, South Shields

I was also at the South Shields gig (Julian - your directions were spot on! - thanks) and can confirm that it was not just hot but sweltering. Of the three concerts I've attended I would say this was the best - the venue was excellent (well maintained, clean, good bar service etc - by far the best club I've been to in years), Ian was on top form as were the band and Bastard was superb! The concert was a sell out with some 300 people packed in, Ian came on at 10 and the concert finished at about 11.45.

Although I agree with Julian that Darrell was in top form full marks should be given for Paul C who just stood in the background and got on with it and actually took most of the lead guitar work!

(Dave Davies)

This was much better than the last one, no tables or chairs in front of the stage.Came on very late and was very hot,club looked full and the atmosphere was much better.

Did the same set with the addition of Bastard,dedicated Michael Picasso to Bob Dylan and Artful Dodger live is miles better than the CD version.

Thought Darrel Bath was in superb form in fact this has to be the best tour I have seen, Ian and Co superb.

(Julian Richards)