Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 UK Tour - Mkt Harborough 10th May 1997

Wilbarston, Mkt Harborough

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A sad start to the night at Wilbarston. When I was within 2 miles of the club police were diverting traffic because of an accident. On arrival at the club I asked for the Promoter and was told he had just been killed in a car crash. It was the same accident I was diverted from. I had spoken to the guy on the telephone and we had exchanged E.mails, he was going to join The Hunter-Mott group. Jim Smith aged 28 a tragic loss.

When I arrived Ian was doing his sound check which I was able to watch through a glass door . When he had finished I went in and gave him an early birthday gift( A 78 RPM Little Richard record The Girl Can't Help It) he seemed genuinely pleased and signed a few things for me, including Mott's first album (on real plastic). Artful Dodger album and single, Dirty Laundry and The reprint of Diary He also gave me a plectrum he had been using, A piece of plastic to Ian, a Treasure for life for me.

The support act did not appear, being good friends of Jim Smith Ian was brilliant!! As usual. I will leave the Gig write up to Sven,who is far more capable than myself. As well as T.Shirts, Posters and C.D.'s for sale you could buy plectrums with Ian Hunter on tour '97, Can't wait until next week

(Nigel Woodall)