Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter's 1997 UK Tour - Folkestone 9th May 1997

Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

I saw Ian in Folkestone (9th). It was good to hear MOON UPSTAIRS and WALKING WITH A MOUNTAIN! Interesting also, to hear Darrel Bath play MEMPHIS the "Mick Ralphs way" - Ronson never did that - Bath copied Ralphs' licks note for note! Ian did the usual set, but THE ARTFUL DODGER was missing that night. Met Campbell Devine - his book is on hold (to tie in with the box set which is also on hold) - and he is still interviewing people - so the book may not be out until next year.... Talked to Ian's (tour) manager, it will be possible to buy T-shirts from him after the tour - if there are more left. Same address as for the single/album (Out Of Time productions). He is also setting up a IAN HUNTER MAILING LIST (snail mail): sign up and he will mail out details of upcoming gigs - record releases and anything else of interest. (PO Box 1275, Bulford Barracks, Wiltshire SP4 8RW, England)

(Sven Gusevik)