Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Lyrics and chords to "Whizz Kid"

Whizz Kid

(Ian Hunter)

       G                                 D
Little whizz kid mystified me, she was a New York City beat

    B               Em      C     B
She came on flash - monster mash, motors in her feet

D            G                       D
Now we moved out of Manhattan to her home on Brooklyn Heights

    B                           Em      C          D
Her dad's a street punk and her mum's a drunk, but we made out alright

Eb                      Ddim
Far far from home, oh I felt so alone

          Cm          F#dim        Bb      F
Could not spin to the speed of the city

   Eb                     Ddim
Oh send me my ticket, I'm too scared to stick

        Cm           F#dim
With my little whizz kid - such a pity

G    D    G    D

        G                                D
Now she really tried her hardest just to make me leave the band

         B            Em     C             B
She even hired a toy "rent-a-boy" straight from a Times Square stand

D        G                         D 
Oh thank you little whizz kid, but me and my friends gotta eat

       B                     Em    C          D
So get back to school or the tying pool, just get yourself out on the street

Eb                   Ddim
Send you victorious, happy and glorious

Cm          F#dim         Bb               F
You got the stardust, the sawdust, and the smile

Eb                             Ddim
Don't lose your sting, how I'd hate you to swing

      Cm           F#dim
Oh my little whizz kid you got such a style

G    D    G

Eb                              Ddim
She's a cute super sleeper, she don't dive in deeper

  Cm      F#dim       Bb               F
A natural leaper, she don't let people pass

      Eb                     Ddim
Watch out for the auto-mite, quick or she's outta sight

Cm          F#dim
Oh my whizz kid, you know you're such a gas

G   D

G              D
Such a gas.


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Transcribed by Adrian Perkins