Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Lyrics and chords to "Waterlow"


(Ian Hunter)

Dmin Bb F(c) C
I followed the night till the morning sunlight
G Bb(F) F
And I thought of the changing times
Dmin Bb F(C) C
And I followed the child with the evergreen smile
G Bb(F) F
And the blue broken tears start to cry
Bb Amin Gmin F
Blue broken tears hide away the years
Dmin Gmin C(g) Dmin
Misty high highway seems colder today
(as first verse)
And I saw a Waterlow where the evergreen grows
And the wise man knows why he crys
And I heard a child call me away from this all
And the blue broken tears start to rise
(as chorus)
Blue broken tears ain't nobody here
Lost in the sun my only young one
(as chorus)
Blue broken tears our love disappears
The evergreen dies drowned in my eyes
Fade: Dmin


This transcription has been determined after careful listening to the track(s) in question, and is provided for educational purposes only. Due to the possibility of mis-hearing, we cannot vouch for their accuracy. Copyright remains vested in the lawful copyright holders.


Transcribed by Tom Acreman; lyrics correction by Geoff Murrell

Tom says: I've tried to work this out on piano so the chords are as played on piano, some guitar chords etc. may be different.

Occasionally chords have another note in a bracket after, these indicate the lowest part of the chord played and probably the bass on the actual recording (sounds better on piano anyway!).