Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Lyrics and chords to "Threads Of Iron"

Threads Of Iron

(Mick Ralphs)

Somewhere in here has got to be the basis of a classic:
I haven't concentrated too much on the back end other than the main riff (Bob Dylan's Hard Rain LP has something similar - can't remember the name of the song) because it
sounds like a total ad lib
|G A |G F D |G A |G F D |
|G A |G D |
Sittin' here alone again wonderin' where love is you can see the answera all around any chosen day
|G A |G D | can't begin to figure out the reason more or less love is always what you make of it find a better way |G A |G D |
maybe there's no cause for comfort in the way we live
look to find the best in people do what you want to do
|G A |G D |
forget about the way we got here it's hard enough to live and you
treat yourself as any other 'cause every one is you
|Dm |G |
are what you are you are what you are you
|Bb |D C |
are what you are yes you are
|D C | (Repeat)
D D D D D D D D D C A G F D (Repeat)


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Transcribed by Andy Baker