Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Lyrics and chords to "Sea Diver"

Sea Diver

(Ian Hunter)

C#(g#) C#(f) F#
C#(g#) Bbmin(f) Fmin G#(c)
On morning shadows, you were ill-spent
Eb G#(eb) C# F#
"It's time", you said, or is it time you went
C#(g#) Bbmin(f)
I tried so hard to leave you
Fmin G#(c)
I tried to sleep
Eb G#(eb)
The hours you keep
C# F# Eb(g) G#
Oh Lord I wish I could escape this iron veil
F# C#
Ride on my son
F# C#
Ride on my son
F# C#(f) Bbmin Fmin G#
Ride until you fail
(as above)
Something comes and something goes
And something dies before it grows
And I'm like a sea diver
Who's lost in space
Sweet death embrace
Oh Lord I wish I could escape this iron veil
Ride on my son
Right on my son
Ride until you fail


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Transcribed by Tom Acreman; minor lyric correction by Jeff Goodner

Tom says: I've tried to work this out on piano so the chords are as played on piano, some guitar chords etc. may be different.

Occasionally chords have another note in a bracket after, these indicate the lowest part of the chord played and probably the bass on the actual recording (sounds better on piano anyway!).