Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Lyrics and chords to "Saturday Gigs" (version two)

Saturday Gigs

(Ian Hunter)

Starting instrumental
Treble (a plus means an octave higher) cgedcbbcacdedcbbccfe+gcdededcb
Bass (all two beats long finishing at the same time as the treble) cbag#fcdg
C G/B Am E7(bass G# ?) Sixty Nine was cheapo wine have a good time and what's your sign
F C Dm G7
float up to the Roundhouse on a Sunday afternoon C G/B Am E7
seventy we all agreed a Kings Road flat was the place to be cos
F G C G7
Chelsea girls are the best in the world for company C G/B Am E7
In seventy one all the people come bust a few seats but just in fun
F C Dm G
take the mick out of top of the pops cos we play better than they do oh
C G/B Am E7
seventy two was born to lose we slid down snakes into yesterdays blues we were
ready to quit then we went to Croydon
C Em F G7
Do you remember those Saturday Gigs we do we do
C Em F G7
do you remember those Saturday gigs we do we do
C C(E bass ?) E7 G/B
The tickets for the fantasy were twelve and six a time a fairy tale
on sale C C/B Am E7
Seventy three was a jamboree we were the dudes and the dudes were we
F C Dm(7 ?) G
did you see the boots and the platform boots oh dear oh gawd oh my oh my
C G/B Am E7
seventy four on the Broadway tour didn't much like dressing up no more don't
want to be hip but thanks for the great trip
C Em F G7 Do you remember those Saturday gigs we do we do
C C E7 Am
Now the kids pay a couple of quid cos they need it just the same its all a game
A grown up game
C Em F G7
Do you remember those Saturday gigs we do we do


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Transcribed by Andy Baker

Not sure how right this is, so feel free to amend it. Certainly, the second instrumental bit is missing because I can't work it out. Also there are probably some bass notes to the chords missing - any help welcome.