Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Lyrics/chords to "Midnight Lady"

Midnight Lady

(Ian Hunter/Mick Ralphs)

Bb Bb F7 Bb 
Well I went down to the lovin' station 'cos I wanted love for a week or two
Got a friend in the fire department he was telling me I'm on the road to Rome
Bb Bb Bb F7
I wanted you on a week's vacation 'cos its costing me but it's
he said you better find out where you going 'cos your wife can't fight out all Bb Bb
the fires alone Well I
killing you
Bb Bb F7 Bb
La la la la la (etc)
Bb Bb F7 Bb
Then to fade
Bb F7 Bb


This transcription has been determined after careful listening to the track(s) in question, and is provided for educational purposes only. Due to the possibility of mis-hearing, we cannot vouch for their accuracy. Copyright remains vested in the lawful copyright holders.


Transcribed by Andy Baker

Andy writes: "I didn't work this one out. I bought it for 12.5p in about 1972 from Blue Mountain Music. I expected a proper print and got a photocopy of a handwritten manuscript which is now disintergrating,so it is probably better sitting on Adrian's excellent site.

" I suspect this isn't from anything Ian or Mick wrote, but someone transcribing it from the record, so the words could be suspect - on the otherhand, they could be a faithful copy from the original - you never now!

"It is in Bb, though I don't ever remember comparing it to the record (I'm sure it goes na na na na na, but what is written here is la la la etc)"