Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Lyrics/chords to "Born Late '58"

Born Late '58

(Overend Watts)

Baby took me out last night

Got a little cadillac bite.

Shook me about - inside out

G7                          A
Didn't get home 'till light.

        G                    A
She's a grower, a goer - you gotta get to know her

   G                        A                          D
No chooser, a cruiser - you turn around she'll lose you

Burned out as the light turned green

G7                         D
Smoke-screened off her rail.

He didn't see me comin' but he shoulda saw me runnin'

G7                       A
Faster than the U.S. mail.

She's a speeder, a leader

You're really gonna need her

       G                               A
You'll see her, she'll thrill you, you look at her she'll kill you.

Listen, fella, baby don't you sell her

Don't you try and steal her away

Hush, man logs in her dam

G7                       A
Think you better fade away

    G                      A
Detonator, jail-baiter - a radar radiator

         G                           A
She'll annoy ya, destroy ya - she'll bring ya down in fire

   G                       A
Create her, mistreat her - no use tryin' to beat her

  G                      A                           D
Admit it, she's greater, shame you weren't born later.


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Transcribed by Adrian Perkins