Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Lyrics and chords to "Backsliding Fearlessly"

Backsliding Fearlessly

(Ian Hunter)

|C F Em Dm |C F Em Dm |C FC|C F C|
|C F |C FC |C Am Bb |
Dreampt of pink horses in shackles of gold and the men who were young and now terribly
Cheers for the innocent though he is perverse three screams for the hangman as he cries for
Come on ye faithfull and slaughter your lamb for your minds have been whipped by experienced
|F F7 |C F |C FC | Old the graveyard was creakin' with too many folk While the
Hearse I weep for the rebels conventional ways for he
hands I wish we were children I'd welcome the change for the
|C Am Bb |F F7|
bishop was praying his cassock did soak three
loses his mind while the devious stay by the (to chorus)
mind of an old man can't re-arrange
|G7 |C F Em |Dm |
way If the world saluted you what would you say if you could be there
|G7 |C F Em |
would you still take me anywhere If the world saluted you
|Dm |G7 |
what would you say when things were down would you still want me around
|C F Em Dm| repeat and fade


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Transcribed by Andy Baker

This is still one of my favourites and falls under the fingers so well you can almost feel how the chord patterns developed. The timing on this is odd. I can't work it out properly, it seems to go from 3/2 to ??. If anyone can add in the timing, then please put me out of my misery.