Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

"All The Young Dudes" ringtone

All The Young Dudes

(David Bowie)

8#f2 8d2 8a1 8#f2 16e2 16#f2 16e2 16#f2 8e2 8#c2
8d2 8b1 8#f1 8d2 16#c2 16d2 16#c2 16d2 8#c2 8b1 8a1
8#c2 8#c2 8#c2 8#c2 8c2 8b1 4a1
8#c2 8#c2 8#c2 8#c2 8b1 8a1 4#f2

Hanse Eriksson suggests changing the last note to 2e2.

This ringtone is for Nokia phones, and sounds pretty close. I believe it to be accurate, apart from the triplets which you can't seem to program into Nokias.

Note that you need a phone capable of composing your own ringtone (not all phones offer this). On mine you need to access Tones and then Composer from the menu. Hopefully yours should be similar.


A quick word about the notation used. I have used the same notation as used in the user guide. The number before each note indicates the duration of the note, eg 16d denotes a note d with a duration 1/16. A # character before each note indicates the note is made sharp, eg #f. A number after the note indicates the octave, eg d2 or a1.

You need to refer to your user guide (look in the index for 'composing a new ring tone' or similar) for the mapping of the notes a to g to your keypad, and the duration, octave and pitch keys.


This transcription has been determined after careful listening to the track(s) in question, and is provided for educational purposes only. Due to the possibility of mis-hearing, we cannot vouch for their accuracy. Copyright remains vested in the lawful copyright holders.


Transcribed by Adrian Perkins