Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Down 'n' Outz CD: "The Further Adventures Of..."

Sleeve and track listing

Bludgeon Riffola - MDB 9508. (4 stars!)

  1. Rock And Roll Queen
  2. Stiff Upper Lip
  3. Marionette
  4. One Of The Boys
  5. Whizz Kid
  6. Violence
  7. The Journey
  8. Drivin' Sister
  9. The Original Mixed Up Kid
  10. Crash Street Kidds
  11. Broadside Outcasts
  12. The Revenge Of The Shipwrecked Hedgehog


This, the second of Joe Elliott's Down n Outz tributes to Mott The Hoople continues in much the same vein as the first. OK, there's no Ian Hunter covers this time, but that is more than made up for by a healthy selection of Mott The Hoople tracks, with a couple of post-Hunter MOTT numbers thrown in. Like the first album, Joe doesn't mess with the arrangements so again everything is familiar.

Right from the opening number Rock And Roll Queen you know this is going to be good. One Of The Boys is also strong, and includes the middle fade-out and reprise as the boys just rock out. This was obviously fun to make as well as being fun to listen to. In a similar vein, Drivin' Sister includes similar car noises to the original.

If The Revenge Of The Shipwrecked Hedgehog looks unfamiliar, it is an end-of-session jam (in a similar vein to Wrath And Wroll and Wheel Of The Quivering Meat Conception - in this case, with its roots planted firmly in Stiff Upper Lip.

If you liked the first album, you'll like this one as well.