Widowmaker CD: "Straight Faced Fighters"

Sleeve and track listing

Castle/Sanctuary CMDDD586. (3 stars!)

Disc 1

  1. Such A Shame1
  2. Pin A Rose On Me1
  3. On The Road1
  4. Straight Faced Fighter1
  5. Ain't Telling You Nothing1
  6. When I Met You1
  7. Leave The Kids Alone1
  8. Shine A Light On Me1
  9. Running Free1
  10. Got A Dream1

Disc 2

  1. Come On Up2
  2. Such A Shame2
  3. Too Late2
  4. El Doomo2
  5. Ain't Telling You Nothing2
  6. When I Met You2
  7. Too Late To Cry3
  8. The Hustler3
  9. Here Comes The Queen3
  10. Something I Can Do Without3
  11. Sign The Papers3
  12. Pushing And Pulling3

1 from the album "Widowmaker"

2 BBC live in concert 1976; 3 from the album "Too Late To Cry"


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