Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Mott The Hoople LP: "Pop Chronik"

Sleeve and track listing

Island 88 292 XCT. (4 stars!)

Side 1

  1. You Really Got Me
  2. Rock and Roll Queen
  3. Rabbit Foot and Toby Time
  4. Backsliding Fearlessly
  5. No Wheels To Ride

Side 2

  1. Thunderbuck Ram
  2. Walkin' With a Mountain
  3. I Can Feel
  4. Whiskey Women

Side 3

  1. It Must Be Love
  2. Home Is Where I Want To Be
  3. Lay Down
  4. Keep a Knockin'

Side 4

  1. Death May Be Your Santa Claus
  2. Sweet Angeline
  3. Second Love
  4. The Moon Upstairs


This is a German 2-LP compilation of Island-era Mott, which came out in 1974. Sleeve-notes are in English and German and seem quite good; however, the discography omits Mott the Hoople but includes Rock and Roll Queen.

This 2-LP compilation was widely available in the mid-70s, but has long since been deleted. Note that it has never been issued on CD, nor is it ever likely to. All the tracks on it are available on CD elsewhere.