Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter live video: "Ian Hunter Rocks"

Sleeve and track listing

Chrysalis (3 stars!)

  1. Once Bitten Twice Shy
  2. Gun Control
  3. Central Park 'n' West
  4. All The Way From Memphis
  5. I Need Your Love
  6. Noises
  7. Just Another Night
  8. Cleveland Rocks
  9. Irene Wilde
  10. All The Young Dudes


This video was for many years the only commercially-available one of Ian (although there are a few boots doing the rounds). After recording the Short Back 'n' Sides album, Mick Ronson decided he was sick of touring, so Ian toured instead with Robbie Alter on guitar (tho' Mick would eventually deputise for Tommy Mandel on keyboards when he became ill). This concert was recorded in 1981 at the Dr Pepper Festival at Pier 84, New York City. It was originally recorded for MTV (before they went on air!), and I believe was released commercially in 1983 (tho' I didn't see it in the UK until 1989), and was issued on laserdisc (in Japan only?) in 1989.

It is a good performance, but I would have preferred a video taken from the Schizophrenic tour in 1979/80 (I think the material on that album is much stronger). That said, this is an essential purchase for any fan of Ian's music.