Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Mott The Hoople unofficial CD: "Hoopling Through Ian's Pockets"

Sleeve and track listing

Tendolar (70:23). (1_5 stars!)

  1. American Pie/Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll
  2. Sucker
  3. Born Late 58
  4. One of The Boys
  5. Marionette
  6. All The Way From Memphis
  7. You Really Got Me
  8. One Of The Boys
  9. Till I'm Gone
  10. Growing Man Blues
  11. Ride On The Sun
  12. Surfin' UK
  13. Ill Wind Blowing
  14. Long Red
  15. Original Mixed Up Kid
  16. Son Of The Wise Ones


This is a single-CD compilation of material culled from various sources. The sleeve notes set the tone, since they are up to Tendolar's usual standards (ie poor). Tracks 1-6, we are informed, are from the "California Jam" master tapes, when in fact they are taken from a King Biscuit master of Mott's Uris Theatre show. New York City isn't in California (not the last time I looked, anyway).

Tracks 7-13 are from Two Miles From Heaven, and therefore copied from the vinyl. Better copies are available elsewhere (eg on the Rarities compilation).

Tracks 14 and 15 were recorded live in Stockholm, and have been lifted from the Long Red recording. They have since been released commercially in much better sound quality as Stockholm To Philadelphia.

Track 16 is, we are told, a Mad Shadows outtake finished off by Verden. It is, in fact, nothing of the sort, being from Verden's excellent solo album Long Time No See.

So, a poor compilation of material available (without too much effort) from other sources, with inaccurate sleeve-notes. For completeists only...