Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Luther Grosvenor CD: "Floodgates"

Sleeve and track listing

Brilliant RBCD 1007-2. (3 stars!)

  1. Evesham Boy (Luther Grosvenor/John Ledsom)
  2. Best Years Of My Life (Luther Grosvenor/John Ledsom)
  3. Floodgates (Luther Grosvenor/John Ledsom)
  4. Fullness Of Time (Mike Kellie)
  5. I Wanna Be Free (Joe Tex)
  6. Ninsky Prospect (Luther Grosvenor/John Ledsom)
  7. Loneliest Man In Town (Luther Grosvenor/John Ledsom)
  8. Fire Down Below (Bob Seger)
  9. Cathy (Dave Moore)
  10. Floodgates (acoustic) (Luther Grosvenor/John Ledsom)


After leaving Mott in 1974, Ariel Bender formed Widowmaker with Steve Ellis. After two unsuccessful albums, the band folded, and Ariel effectively quit the music business. For many years he ran his own decorating company, but he still kept his hand in with "hobby" bands such as Blues 92.

In 1995, he was asked to contribute to the Peter Green tribute album. His work was met with much praise, so much so that it revitalised his career. Reverting to his real name of Luther Grosvenor (tho' his backing band is still called The Ariel Bender Band), this, his second solo album was released in 1996 (his first, Under Open Skies, was released in 1972!).

This is a good album, and it is astonishing that Luther has been out of the business for so long. The playing is thoughtful and restrained, a far cry from the sub-heavy metal guitar pyrotechnics of Mott's live shows. Watch out for guest appearances from Jess Roden (vocals on tracks 5 and 8) and Jim Capaldi (backing vocals on track 4). Watch out too for the acoustic version of Floodgates, which is a "hidden" track (actually, it is tacked on to the end of track 9, with about a minute of silence separating them).