Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Mott The Hoople CD: "Essential Young Dudes: Live and More"

Sleeve and track listing

Music Club (2.5 stars!)

Disc 1

  1. Walkin' With a Mountain
  2. Long Red
  3. The Original Mixed Up Kid
  4. Thunderbuck Ram
  5. Keep A Knockin'
  6. Bowie Intro/Jupiter
  7. Jerkin' Crocus
  8. Sucker
  9. Hymn For The Dudes
  10. Sea Diver
  11. One of the Boys
  12. Midnight Lady
  13. All The Young Dudes
  14. Honky Tonk Women

Disc 2

  1. Drivin' Sister
  2. American Pie
  3. Golden Age of Rock n Roll
  4. Roll Away The Stone/Sweet Jane
  5. Rest In Peace
  6. Here Comes The Queen
  7. Born Late '58
  8. Marionette
  9. All The Way From Memphis
  10. Death May Be Your Santa Claus
  11. Ballad of Billy Joe
  12. If Your Heart Lay With the Rebel
  13. It Would Be a Pleasure


Oh great. Yet another compilation of previously-released (Angel Air) material. I've lost count how many times those two 2-CD sets (Stockholm to Philadelphia and Live Heaven) have been compiled. Is this meant to be a gentle introduction to those sets for the casual fan, in which case a single CD would have sufficed (although even that has been done already). Or...

The tracks themselves are reasonable, actually the CDs they originally come from are pretty good. It's just that endless compilations of the same material dilute the legacy somewhat. And due to the age and source of the material sometimes the sound quality isn't what one would call perfect.

This means this material is really aimed at the established fan who already has all of the Island/CBS albums, in which case he's probably already got the aforementioned Angel Air stuff. I may be cynical, but I can't yet bring myself to call others that.

Live most of it may be, but essential? No way.