Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter CD: "Defiance Part 2: Fiction"

Sleeve and track listing

Sun Records SUN 15047807321(5 stars!)

  1. People
  2. Fiction
  3. The 3rd Rail
  4. This Ain't Rock And Roll
  5. Precious
  6. Weed
  7. Kettle Of Fish
  8. What Would I Do Without You
  9. Everybody's Crazy But Me
  10. Hope


Hot on the heels of 2023's Defiance Part 1 comes part 2. Yes, it is in some ways a continuation of the songwriting spree that started with Part 1, but with the "more serious stuff". Again, there are guest musicians (Jeff Beck, Taylor Hawkins, Brian May to name but three) but they never overshadow what is an Ian Hunter album.

Ian is as sharply observant as ever. Like on opener People he takes aim against mass-media ("'We know what people want' - I say 'No, ya don't'"). On Precious the target is our increasingly hectic world ("It'll only take one minutes of your precious time") with infectious guitar embellishments from Brian May. On Weed the target is the perceived ruling classes ("We'll take the booze 'n we'll take the speed, so let 'em take weed") and again the song is as catchy as ever with a great chorus.

Ian always includes a song for his wife of 50-plus years, Trudi. Here What Would I Do Without You is up there with his best ballads. Album closer Hope is, as always an 'up' song - perhaps a necessity in our troubled world.

Ian is 85 this year (2024). This album is proof that, like a fine wine, Ian is getting better with age. Rockers, ballads, and somewhere in-betweens, this album has it all. Album of the year? You bet!