Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Mott The Hoople CD: "All The Young Dudes"

Sleeve and track listing

WX035. (1.5 stars!)

  1. Long Red
  2. The Original Mixed-Up Kid
  3. Walkin' With A Mountain
  4. Laugh At Me
  5. Thunderbuck Ram
  6. Jerkin' Crocus
  7. Sucker
  8. Hymn For The Dudes
  9. Ready For Love
  10. All The Young Dudes


Oh great. Another week, another Juno tie-in. This time it is a live compilation on a small Dutch label, confusingly called All The Young Dudes despite there already being a studio album and 3-CD box set of the same name. Score zero so far for imagination.

There have been several live releases on Angel Air over the years, but this borrows heavily on the Stockholm To Philadelphia release, with just one track (Sucker) from Live Heaven. Nothing from the Fillmore or Croydon releases, so as a compilation it's not much cop either. Score zero for track selection.

The sleeve notes are not much cop either, including as it does the gem that the 1974 NME revelation about Stan's backing vocals on live shows helped break the band up! Added to which there is no info about which albums the tracks are from. Score zero for sleeve notes.

This seems like a pretty pointless release. Casual fans are more likely to go for a studio compilation such as the recent Roll Away The Stone. Dedicated fans will likely have these tracks anyway on the relevant albums. Casual fans tempted into the live arena should perhaps look at the Live album, followed by the Croydon release. This compilation, satisfying nobody, should instead be avoided.