Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

610 Publishing

[Roadie's diary]

We've got the Official Biography. We've got the documentary DVD. We've got Ian's Diary (of Mott's 1972 US tour). About the only ones we haven't heard from are the roadies. Until now...

In late 1974 Mott roadie Philip John kept a diary of Mott's final (and troubled) European tour. With renewed interest in the band, Phil finally decided to polish them up and publish, thus providing an insight into what life is like from a roadie's perspective.

First impressions are of a rather slim volume, but I guess this is how it was written at the time. The diary is supplemented by copious footnotes, usually by Phil himself or by Richie (Mott's other long-time roadie). The text usually concerns the difficult loads in/out (getting the gear into and out of venues) and the rather spartan eating facilities on the road (usually a portable gas stove in the truck).

No two ways about it, a roadie's life is far from glamorous as this text makes clear. The tour was over all too quickly as the band finally imploded and this doubtless contributes to the slimness of the volume. Not essential, but interesting none-the-less.