Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter Box Set: "Stranded In Reality"

Sleeve and track listing

Proper SHADES1(5 stars!)

Ian Hunter

  1. Once Bitten Twice Shy
  2. Who Do You Love
  3. Lounge Lizard
  4. Boy
  5. 3,000 Miles From Here
  6. The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin' But The Truth
  7. It Ain't Easy When You Fall/Shades Off
  8. I Get So Excited
  9. Colwater High
  10. One Fine Day
  11. Once Bitten Twice Shy (single edit)
  12. Who Do You Love (single edit)
  13. Shades Off (poem)
  14. Boy (edit)

All American Alien Boy

  1. Letter To Britannia From The Union Jack
  2. All American Alien Boy
  3. Irene Wilde
  4. Restless Youth
  5. Rape
  6. You Nearly Did Me In
  7. Apathy 83
  8. God (Take 1)
  9. To Rule Britannia From Union Jack (session outtake)
  10. All American Alien Boy (early single version)
  11. Irene Wilde (Number One) (session outtake)
  12. Weary Anger (session outtake)
  13. Apathy (session outtake)
  14. (God) Advice To A Friend (session outtake)

Overnight Angels

  1. Golden Opportunity (4:31)
  2. Shallow Crystals (3:58)
  3. Overnight Angels (5:12)
  4. Broadway (3:46)
  5. Justice of the Peace (3:01)
  6. (Miss) Silver Dime (4:34)
  7. Wild n' Free (3:08)
  8. The Ballad of Little Star (2:32)
  9. To Love a Woman (3:54)
  10. England Rocks(2:53)

You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic

  1. Just Another Night
  2. Wild East
  3. Cleveland Rocks
  4. Ships
  5. When the Daylight Comes
  6. Life After Death
  7. Standin' In My Light
  8. Bastard
  9. The Outsider
  10. Don't Let Go (demo)
  11. Ships (take 1)
  12. When The Daylight Comes (early version)
  13. The Other Side of Life (Just Another Night early version)
  14. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

Welcome To The Club

Disc 1

  1. FBI
  2. Once Bitten Twice Shy
  3. Angeline
  4. Laugh at Me
  5. All the Way From Memphis
  6. I Wish I Was Your Mother
  7. Irene Wilde
  8. Just Another Night
  9. Cleveland Rocks
  10. Standin' In My Light
  11. Bastard

Disc 2

  1. Walkin' With a Mountain/Rock 'n' Roll Queen
  2. All the Young Dudes
  3. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
  4. One of the Boys
  5. The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll
  6. When the Daylight Comes
  7. Once Bitten Twice Shy/Bastard/Cleveland Rocks (medley)
  8. We Gotta Get Out of Here
  9. Silver Needles
  10. Man O' War
  11. Sons and Daughters

Short Back And Sides

  1. Central Park n' West
  2. Lisa Likes Rock n' Roll
  3. I Need Your Love
  4. Old Records Never Die
  5. Noises
  6. Rain
  7. Gun Control
  8. Theatre of the Absurd
  9. Leave Me Alone
  10. Keep on Burning
  11. I Need Your Love (rough mix)
  12. Old Records Never Die (version 1)
  13. Rain (alternate mix)
  14. Theatre of the Absurd (alternate version)

All Of The Good Ones Are Taken

  1. All of the Good Ones Are Taken
  2. Every Step of the Way
  3. Fun
  4. Speechless
  5. Death 'n' Glory Boys
  6. That Girl Is Rock 'n' Roll
  7. Somethin's Goin' On
  8. Captain Void 'n' the Video Jets
  9. Seeing Double
  10. All of the Good Ones Are Taken
  11. Traitor (12" single b-side)
  12. Somethin's Goin' On (single radio edit)

YUI Orta

  1. American Music
  2. The Loner
  3. Women's Intuition
  4. Tell It Like It Is
  5. Livin' In a Heart
  6. Big Time
  7. Cool
  8. Beg a Little Love
  9. Following In Your Footsteps
  10. Sons 'n' Lovers
  11. Pain
  12. How Much More Can I Take
  13. Sweet Dreamer

Ian Hunter's Dirty Laundry

  1. Dancing on the Moon
  2. Another Fine Mess
  3. Scars
  4. Never Trust a Blonde
  5. Psycho Girl
  6. My Revolution
  7. Good Girls
  8. Red Letter Day
  9. Invisible Strings
  10. Everyone's a Fool
  11. Junkee Love
  12. The Other Man

BBC Live In Concert

  1. Once Bitten Twice Shy
  2. How Much More Can I Take
  3. Beg a Little Love
  4. Following In Your Footsteps
  5. Just Another Night
  6. Sweet Dreamer
  7. (Give Me Back My) Wings
  8. Standin' In My Light
  9. Bastard
  10. The Loner
  11. You're Never Too Old To Hit The Big Time
  12. All The Way From Memphis
  13. Irene Wilde

The Artful Dodger

  1. Too Much
  2. Now Is The Time
  3. Something To Believe In
  4. Resurrection Mary
  5. Walk On Water
  6. 23A, Swan Hill
  7. Michael Picasso
  8. Open My Eyes
  9. The Artful Dodger
  10. Skeletons (In Your Closet)
  11. Still The Same
  12. Fuck It Up (1996 single track)


  1. Ripoff
  2. Good Samaritan
  3. Death of a Nation
  4. Purgatory
  5. American Spy
  6. Dead Man Walkin' (Eastenders)
  7. Wash Us Away
  8. Morons
  9. Soap And Water
  10. Knees Of My Heart
  11. No One
  12. Still Love Rock 'n' Roll

Strings Attached

Disc 1

  1. Rest In Peace
  2. All Of The Good Ones Are Taken
  3. I Wish I Was Your Mother
  4. Twisted Steel
  5. Boy
  6. 23A Swan Hill
  7. Waterlow
  8. All The Young Dudes
  9. Irene Wilde
  10. Once Bitten Twice Shy

Disc 2

  1. Rollerball
  2. Ships
  3. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
  4. Michael Picasso
  5. Wash Us Away
  6. Don't Let Go
  7. All The Way From Memphis
  8. Roll Away The Stone
  9. Saturday Gigs
  10. Dead Man Walkin' (Eastenders) (bonus track)
  11. Your Way (bonus track)

Shrunken Heads

  1. Words (Big Mouth)
  2. Fuss About Nothin'
  3. When The World Was Round
  4. Brainwashed
  5. Shrunken Heads
  6. Soul Of America
  7. How's Your House
  8. Guiding Light
  9. Stretch
  10. I Am What I Hated When I Was Young
  11. Read 'em 'n' Weep
  12. Your Eyes (bonus EP track)
  13. Wasted (bonus EP track)
  14. Real Or Imaginary (bonus EP track)
  15. When The World Was Round (single radio edit)

Man Overboard

  1. The Great Escape
  2. Arms And Legs
  3. Up And Running
  4. Man Overboard
  5. Babylon Blues
  6. Girl From The Office
  7. Flowers
  8. These Feelings
  9. Win It All
  10. Way With Words
  11. River Of Tears

When I'm President

  1. Comfortable (Flyin' Scotsman)
  2. Fatally Flawed
  3. When I'm President
  4. What For
  5. Black Tears
  6. Saint
  7. Just The Way You Look Tonight
  8. Wild Bunch
  9. Ta Shunka Witco (Crazy Horse)
  10. I Don't Know What You Want
  11. Life
  12. When I'm President (radio edit single)

Live In The UK 2010

  1. Sea Diver
  2. Arms And Legs
  3. Words (Big Mouth)
  4. The Great Escape
  5. Ships
  6. Irene Wilde
  7. Flowers
  8. Soul Of America
  9. Man Overboard
  10. Waterlow
  11. Michael Picasso
  12. Wash Us Away
  13. 23A Swan Hill
  14. Sweet Jane
  15. All The Young Dudes

Tilting The Mirror - Rarities

Disc 1

  1. All-American Alien Boy (Single A-side)
  2. You Nearly Did Me In (Single A-side)
  3. Common Disease (Alien Boy Outtake)
  4. If the Slipper Don't Fit (Alien Boy Outtake)
  5. The Outsider (Early Version)
  6. Alibi (Schizophrenic Jam)
  7. When the Daylight Comes (Single A-side)
  8. Just Another Night (Electric version #3)
  9. Detroit (Rough Mix Instrumental)
  10. Na Na Na
  11. I Believe in You
  12. Listen to the Eight Track
  13. You Stepped Into My Dreams
  14. Venus in the Bathtub
  15. China (Ronson Vocal)
  16. Detroit (Outtake 5 - Vocal)
  17. Na Na Na (Extended Mix)

Disc 2

  1. Bluebirds (Demo)
  2. All is Forgiven (Demo)
  3. Sunshine Eyes (Demo)
  4. (I'm the) Teacher
  5. Great Expectations (You Never Know What To Expect)
  6. Good Man in a Bad Time
  7. Wake Up Call
  8. Ill Wind (Demo)
  9. Women's Intuition (Single Edit)
  10. Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady (Artful Dodger Outtake)
  11. Resurrection Mary (Trio Version)
  12. Something To Believe In (Trio Version)
  13. Waterlow (Trio Version)
  14. I'm In Awe (Rant Outtake)
  15. Avalanche (Rant Outtake)
  16. Morons (Early Version)
  17. One More Time

If You Wait Long Enough For Anything, You Can Get It On Sale

Disc 1

  1. FBI1
  2. Once Bitten Twice Shy1
  3. One Of The Boys1
  4. Laugh At Me1
  5. I Wish I Was Your Mother1
  6. Sons and Daughters1
  7. Irene Wilde1
  8. Just Another Night1
  9. Life After Death1
  10. Sweet Angeline1
  11. Standin' in My Light1
  12. Bastard1
  13. The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll1
  14. All The Way From Memphis1

Disc 2

  1. All The Young Dudes1
  2. Walkin' With A Mountain/Rock 'n' Roll Queen1
  3. Cleveland Rocks1
  4. When The Daylight Comes1
  5. Letter to Britannia From The Union Jack2
  6. Ships3
  7. Gun Control4
  8. Violence4
  9. Is Your Love In Vain4
  10. Lisa Likes Rock n' Roll4
  11. Theatre Of The Absurd4
  12. Walkin' With A Mountain4

1Recorded at Hammersmith Odeon, London 22nd November 1979

2Recorded at Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley CA 7th July 1979

3Recorded at My Fathers Place, Long Island NY 12/13th June 1979

4Recorded at The Old Waldorf, San Francisco CA 26-28th October 1981

Bag Of Tricks - Live Rarities Vol 1

  1. A Sane Revolution
  2. Wild East1
  3. (I'm The) Teacher1
  4. While You Were Looking at Me1
  5. Day Tripper2
  6. Pain3
  7. Resurrection Mary4
  8. Michael Picasso4
  9. Shades Off/Boy5
  10. Ill Wind5
  11. Good Samaritan6
  12. Purgatory6
  13. American Spy6
  14. Death of a Nation6

1Recorded at Rock and Roll Heaven, Toronto ON 11th November 1987

2Recorded at Rock and Roll Heaven, Toronto ON 11th June 1988

3Recorded at The Caberet, San Jose CA 16th December 1989

4Recorded at Hammersmith Apollo, London 29th April 1994

5Recorded at The Robin 2, Bilston UK 19th May 2000

6Recorded at The Life Cafe, Manchester UK 19th May 2002

Bag Of Tricks - Live Rarities Vol 2

  1. Rock And Roll Queen/Death May Be Your Santa Claus1
  2. One Of The Boys1
  3. The Original Mixed-Up Kid1
  4. Knockin' On Heaven's Door1
  5. Twisted Steel1
  6. 23a Swan Hill1
  7. Dead Man Walkin' (EastEnders)1
  8. Knees of My Heart2
  9. The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But the Truth2
  10. Rollerball2
  11. Irene Wilde2
  12. Roll Away The Stone2
  13. Lounge Lizard3
  14. The Outsider4

1Recorded at The Life Cafe, Manchester UK 19th May 2002

2Recorded at The Bikini, Barcerlona Spain 12th June 2004

3Recorded at SxSW, Town Lake Stage, Austin TX 18th March 2005

4Recorded at Nidaros Blues Festival, Kongressal, Trondheim Norway 29th April 2005

Bag Of Tricks - Live Rarities Vol 3

  1. Hymn For The Dudes1
  2. All-American Alien Boy1
  3. Morons/Marionette/Broadway1
  4. Following In Your Footsteps2
  5. Dancing On the Moon3
  6. Shallow Crystals3
  7. The Ballad of Little Star3
  8. Just The Way You Look Tonight4
  9. Black Tears4
  10. Isolation4
  11. Alice4
  12. The Moon Upstairs4
  13. (Ta Shunka Witco) Crazy Horse4
  14. When I'm President5
  15. Now Is The Time6
  16. Shades Off

1Recorded at Nidaros Blues Festival, Kongressal, Trondheim Norway 29th April 2005

2Recorded at the Lowry Theatre, Manchester England 23rd February 2008

3Recorded at The Journal Tyne Theatre, Newcastle England 11th October 2010

4Recorded at John Dee, Oslo Norway 8th October 2012

5Recorded at Memorial Hall, Sheffield England 20th March 2013

6Recorded at Garden Shimokitazawa, Tokyo Japan 16/17/18th January 2015

Acoustic Shadows - Live

  1. Where Do You All Come From
  2. Wash Us Away
  3. The Other Man
  4. Scars
  5. Soul of America/I Wish I Was Your Mother
  6. Shrunken Heads
  7. Rain
  8. Sons 'n' Lovers
  9. Sweet Jane
  10. Irene Wilde/Ships/Letter to Britannia from the Union Jack
  11. Honaloochie Boogie/How's Your House
  12. Twisted Steel
  13. When the World Was Round
  14. Once Bitten Twice Shy

Recorded at The Mick Jagger Theatre, Dartford, Kent 2nd March 2008

Experiments - Previously Unreleased Recordings

  1. You're Messin' With The King Of Rock 'n' Roll
  2. Money Can't Buy Love
  3. More To Love
  4. Look Before You Leap
  5. My Love (The Jar)
  6. Demolition Derby
  7. Just Want It Real
  8. Coincidence
  9. Big Black Cadillac
  10. San Diego Freeway
  11. Nobody's Perfect
  12. Too Much (All I Ever Wanted) (early version)
  13. Artful Dodger (early version)
  14. Michael Picasso (early version)
  15. A Little Rock 'n' Roll (Artful Dodger outtake)
  16. Testosterone (Artful Dodger outtake)
  17. The Man In Me (Ian Hunter and Tribes)
  18. Salvation

It Never Happened - DVD


  1. Once Bitten Twice Shy (CBS promo video 1975)
  2. All-American Alien Boy (Studio film 1975)
  3. Standin' in My Light (Fragment) (Top Pop TV - Holland 1979
  4. Irene Wilde (Chrysalis promo film 1980)
  5. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Chrysalis promo film 1980)
  6. We Gotta Get Out Of Here (Chrysalis promo film 1980)
  7. Laugh at Me (Rockpalast 1980)
  8. Irene Wilde (Rockpalast 1980)
  9. I Wish I Was Your Mother (Rockpalast 1980)
  10. All of The Good Ones Are Taken (CBS promo video 1983)
  11. While You Were Looking At Me (Toronto 1988)
  12. Day Tripper (Toronto 1988)
  13. Beg a Little Love (The Dominion, London 1989)
  14. Following in Your Footsteps (The Dominion, London 1989)
  15. (Give Me Back My) Wings (The Dominion, London 1989)
  16. The Loner (The Dominion, London 1989)
  17. American Music (PolyGram promo video 1990)
  18. My Revolution (Scandinavian NRK TV Session 1995)
  19. Michael Picasso (MTV Take It To The Bridge Session 1997)
  20. Irene Wilde (MTV Take It To The Bridge Session 1997)
  21. When the World Was Round (Jerkin' Crocus Promo Video 2007)
  22. Flowers (BBC Jools Holland Show 2009)
  23. Once Bitten Twice Shy (BBC Jools Holland Show 2009)
  24. When I'm President (Proper Promo Film 2012)


Ryerson Theatre Toronto, Canada 1979

  1. Trailer and Interview
  2. Life After Death
  3. Just Another Night
  4. The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll
  5. Standin' in My Light
  6. Bastard
  7. Cleveland Rocks
  8. All The Young Dudes
  9. When The Daylight Comes
  10. Slaughter On 10th Avenue

Ian Hunter Rocks (Dr. Pepper Festival, New York 1981)

  1. Once Bitten Twice Shy
  2. Gun Control
  3. Central Park n' West
  4. All The Way From Memphis
  5. I Need Your Love
  6. Noises
  7. Just Another Night
  8. Cleveland Rocks
  9. Irene Wilde
  10. All the Young Dudes

Strings Attached (The Sentrum, Oslo, Norway 2002)

  1. Rest in Peace
  2. All of The Good Ones Are Taken
  3. I Wish I Was Your Mother
  4. Twisted Steel
  5. Don't Let Go
  6. Boy
  7. Wash Us Away
  8. 23a Swan Hill
  9. Waterlow
  10. All the Young Dudes
  11. Irene Wilde
  12. Once Bitten Twice Shy
  13. Rollerball
  14. Ships
  15. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
  16. All the Way from Memphis
  17. Saturday Gigs
  18. Michael Picasso
  19. Roll Away the Stone


It was 2013 when fans were first teased with "coming soon... the ultimate Ian Hunter box set". Well, over three years in the making and what was originally going to be a 24-disc set is now a 30-disc whopper. And yes, it has been worth the wait.

OK, so what's in the box? Well there's every (regular) album that Ian has ever released, with the exception of 2016's Fingers Crossed and 2004's live double The Truth... Every album has been remastered, in some cases with bonus tracks (eg single edits) that haven't appeared on previous issues. Each is presented in a mini-LP replica sleeve, complete with an inner sleeve (for the CD itself) and a booklet. Sound quality is excellent throughout.

In addition, there are a further nine discs of rare and previously-unreleased material. There is an acoustic gig (Acoustic Shadows) from 2008, which is an interesting contrast to the (also acoustic) Live In The UK 2010 disc (also included here). Two discs of rarities (Tilting The Mirror) gather together bonus tracks that have appeared on "bonus CDs" on previous releases. Bag Of Tricks gather together various live tracks recorded over the years, including the 2002 Manchester gig that was previously thought to be "lost". It neatly showcases the last 30 years of live shows, from Toronto in 1987 through to Sheffield in 2013 and Tokyo in 2015. Fascinating.

Then there's If You Wait Long Enough... which included for the first time the 1979 Hammersmith Odeon gig. OK, an hour of this show was broadcast on BBC Radio One but this is the full show (nearly two hours!) and an improvement on the original BBC mix. We also get a 1981 show recorded in San Fransisco. This is interesting because it features Robbie Alter on guitar and Mick Ronson - on keyboards!

Experiments is fascinating. These are demos and (complete) unreleased tracks from the past thirty or so years. Look Before You Leap is a great power ballad (is that Ronno on guitar?), while Salvation (written in 1997 but not recorded until 2008) is a great way to close the collection. Ian has said it would be on his last record, and Proper's track listing has Experiments as the last disc... if this is really the last one (and Ian says it's not) then there's no finer way to finish.

Then there's two DVDs. The first is a motley collection of promo films, TV appearances and concert clips from the past 40 years. Disc 2 includes the 1979 Rhyerson Theatre show from Toronto which was broadcast on TV and has circulated amonst fans for years. There's also the Ian Hunter Rocks show from 1981, previously only issued on VHS (and Laserdisc). Then there's the Strings Attached show from Oslo in 2002. This has two tracks not included on the original DVD and a great way to round off a fascination collection. The 'Strings Attached' show is also in real-time sequence (unlike the original).

There is also a lavish hard-cover book which presents a biography of Ian's career so far, together with a track-by-track run-down of all the material in this collection, with Ian's (at times) brutally honest opinion. The book ends with tributes from a whole host of fellow musicians, all of whom are unstinting in their praise. Whorrabloke!

There is also a replica music paper, which contains reproductions of album and gig reviews from the past forty years. Finally, there is an Alien Boy-era lithograph (why don't they call it a photo?), signed by Ian.

The whole is presented in a large presentation case, complete with Escher-inspired artwork.

The whole collection is limited to just 2500 copies and Proper have stated that none of the (extra) discs will be available separately. So if you want any of these extras, you need to buy this box!

The cost is a whopping £250. This collection, therefore, is not aimed at the casual fan but the dedicated Ian Hunter fan (albeit one with very deep pockets). Given that such a fan will already own most if not all of the regular discs, this works out at £250 for the just nine "new" CDs and two DVDs. Whether this is worth the cost is a question for the individual fan to answer.

Ian has said his career isn't yet finished (he turned 77 in 2016!), but if it were to end now this set is an excellent way to bring the curtain down on the career of one of Britain's finest-ever rock stars.


Ah... but... What's Missing?

OK, this is supposed to be everything that Ian has ever done (since leaving Mott The Hoople at the end of 1974). But there are a few omissions (of previously-released tracks), mostly of live material. This is to be expected with a project of this magnitude but let's face it - including them all would have meant this being close to a massive 40-disc whopper...

American Music (early version)

An early version of this YUI Orta track was included on the Sampling In Reality EP but has been omitted here.

ATYD (with Def Leppard)

Ian was invited up on stage by Def Leppard on 19th July 1996 where he provided vocals on All The Young Dudes. It was released on the compilation Once Bitten Twice Shy but has been omitted here.

ATYD (live acoustic)

A "live acoustic" version of All The Young Dudes was included on Behind The Shades. There was no date or venue information, and it has been omitted here.

Boy (alternate version)

An alternate version of Boy was included on Once Bitten Twice Shy but has been omitted here. It omits the intro and there are several edits (making it some two and a half minutes shorter) and the arrangement is more stripped down.

China (rough mix)

The "rough mix" is different from the more familiar version included here on Tilting The Mirror - Rarities (it is also 13s shorter). It was previously available on From The Knees Of My Heart but has been omitted here.

Detroit (take 1)

This rare instrumental outtake is different from the more familiar "rough mix" that is included here on Tilting The Mirror - Rarities (it is also 20s longer). It was previously available on From The Knees Of My Heart but has been omitted here.

Ian Hunter Rocks audio

Although the video from the 1981 Ian Hunter Rocks show is included on It Never Happened, the audio CD from this show (previously available as part of From The Knees Of My Heart) has been omitted.


A duet with Genya Ravan was originally released on Genya's album And I Mean It. It is on the compilation Once Bitten Twice Shy but has been omitted here.

Just Another Night

The 2004 Astoria show, released as Just Another Night (DVD) and The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin' But The Truth (2-CD) has been omitted entirely.

Mick Ronson Memorial Concert

Although Resurrection Mary and Michael Picasso are included here (on Bag Of Tricks Vol 1) both Once Bitten Twice Shy and All The Young Dudes from the Mick Ronson Memorial Concert have been omitted. Ian also provided the speaking parts on Summertime Blues (with Roger Daltrey) - also omitted.

Missing In Action/Collateral Damage

Although some tracks from this rare live CD are present, most have been omitted.


The 1998 issue of All American Alien Boy included a rare version of Rape with a couple of lines from (Gene Kelly's) Singin' In The Rain in the intro. That version has not been on subsequent issues, and has been omitted here.

Rick Derringer

Ian guested at a Rick Derringer benefit gig in September 1981. Ian provided vocals on Just Another Night and on a medley of All The Young Dudes, Roll Away The Stone and Ships. This show was released as Rick Derringer and Friends, but neither of these tracks have been included here.

Rockpalast audio and video

The Rockpalast show from 1980 (both the DVD and the CD) are omitted, although three tracks of the DVD are included on It Never Happened.

Schizophrenic bonus live disc

The 30th Anniversary issue of You're Never Alone With A Schizophrenic included a bonus disc of live tracks. Although the Hammersmith tracks are included (as part of If You Wait Long Enough For Anything, You Can Get It On Sale) the rest have been omitted.

The Secret Sessions

In 1978 Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson recorded an album's worth of material with Corky Laing and Felix Peppalardi (both from Mountain). This was eventually released as The Secret Sessions. Ian provided vocals on several tracks, all of which have been omitted here.

Sweet Jane

A rare version of this Mott classic, credited to 'Ian Hunter and Tribes', was included on the Sampling In Reality EP but has been omitted here.

When The World Was Round b-sides

There were three live tracks (recorded some time in 2007) on the single of When The World Was Round. Two (Once Bitten Twice Shy and Twisted Steel) were on the CD-single; one (Words (Big Mouth)) was on the (7-inch) vinyl single. These have all been omitted.


Thanks goes to Martin Gororo-Dench for pointing out I'd previously omitted Boy (alternate version) from the list of what's missing.