Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter LP/CD: "All American Alien Boy"

Sleeve and track listing

Sony BMG 82876 769432. (4.5 stars!)

  1. Letter to Britannia From the Union Jack
  2. All American Alien Boy
  3. Irene Wilde
  4. Restless Youth
  5. Rape
  6. You Nearly Did Me In
  7. Apathy 83
  8. God (Take 1)
  9. To Rule Britannia From Union Jack (session outtake)1
  10. All American Alien Boy (early single version)1
  11. Irene Wilde (Number One) (session outtake)1
  12. Weary Anger (session outtake)1
  13. Apathy (session outtake)1
  14. (God) Advice To A Friend (session outtake)1

1 Bonus track on the 2006 reissue

Sleeve variations

The 1998 UK sleeve

The original sleeve


Ian recorded his second solo album in NYC, and this finds him in an altogether softer mood - there are none of Ian's trademark rockers on this album. Management differences meant that Mick Ronson was absent ("I'll never work with Mick again so long as Tony DeFries is his manager" - Ian), so Ian brought in Chris Stainton on keyboards to act as a balancing force in the studio ("I need someone who'll argue with me").

Highlight of the album is Irene Wilde (which Ian maintains is a true story), and You Nearly Did Me In (which features Queen's Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor on backing vocals).

The 2006 reissue sees excellent sound quality, and a host of bonus tracks none of which have been released before. It also comes with an excellent booklet written by Campbell Devine. The original version of Rape has been restored, which some may see as a disappointment compared with the rare intro on the previous 1998 CD.

This is the third release of this album on CD. This album was previously available on a USA CD. Sound quality was good, considering that by all accounts the master tapes were not in good shape. No bonus tracks. In 1998 this album was issued in the UK as part of Sony's Rewind series. Sound quality was excellent, audibly better than the USA CD. The 1998 CD also came with a previously-unavailable version of Rape, which had the Singin' In The Rain intro. This version was previously available only on a few US test pressings and had never been issued officially before!