Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Mott The Hoople Discography


Mott The Hoople recorded seven studio albums and one live album between 1969 and 1974. Since then any number of compilations have been released, and these days it seems there is a new release of some sort every few months.

In this list I have attempted to compile every UK and US release credited to Mott The Hoople. I have not listed "sampler" albums, etc, which contain Mott-related material, as these usually contain material available on this list.

All but two albums on this list have been released on CD at some time or other, although some may now be deleted. Note however that Pop Chronik and All The Way From Memphis have never been released on CD.

Looking for a particular track? Try my comprehensive track-by-track index, which cross-references every Mott The Hoople track with every album it has been issued on.

Mott the Hoople albums

Original releases

This section lists the albums released by Mott The Hoople in their heyday, together with the official releases of the reunion gigs in 2009 and 2013.

Compilations and retrospectives

This section lists best-of compilations and retrospective releases, albums where previously-released material predominates.

I don't normally include "various artists" type compilations, as these invariably contain material available on the regular albums. However one is of significant interest, as it includes a track unavailable elsewhere.

Archive and historic releases

This section lists archive and other historic releases, albums where previously-unreleased material predominates.

See also under Ian Hunter, as several compilations credited to Ian Hunter also contain Mott The Hoople material.

Warning - Fake CDs

It is my sad duty to report there are several CDs doing the rounds that are credited to Mott The Hoople but which are in fact fakes. In 1998 K-Tel were found guilty in the UK courts and fined £8000 plus costs, but these CDs are still (2000) widely available in the shops and on-line stores.

I have attempted to list all the fakes that I know of here; if you are in doubt as to the authenticity of any CD then please check back here. If you see any fake on sale then please report the matter, either to the store's management or (better) your local trading standards office (or equivalent in your country).

The fake CD goes by various names, such as Best Of, Re-recordings, Dudes or All The Young Dudes.

Mott The Hoople recordings are released on labels such as Island, Atlantic, Rhino, Sony/CBS/Columbia, Castle, Spectrum and Angel Air.

If you see a release on any other label, then chances are it may be one of the fake releases I have listed here.

If you see such a release for sale, then please report the matter to your local trading standards office (or equivalent), then maybe we can put a stop to this chicanery once and for all.

If necessary, refer the store's management (or trading standards officials) to this page; I have included a link to a respected national newspaper, to hopefully vouch for the authenticity of the claim (that these CDs are fake). Remember, selling goods with a false description is an offence, so the law is on our side!

* in the track listings denotes a bonus track on the reissued/remastered CD.

Images of LP sleeves are for illustrative purposes only. Copyright remains vested in the individual record companies.