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Sadly, very little Mott The Hoople in the 70s survives on video. All we had until recently was an Ian Hunter show from 1981, which was recorded on the Short Back 'n' Sides tour, and the official video of the 1999 Mott The Hoople convention.

In the summer of 2001, Ian was a part of Ringo's New All-Starr Band, which toured the USA. One of these shows was filmed and recorded, and has now been released on CD and DVD. More recently, a 2002 'unplugged' show and a 2004 'electric show' were recorded and filmed, and released on DVD. There is also an official documentary DVD which includes footage fans never knew existed (Philadelphia in 1972! Marionettes in 1974!). One of the 2013 Mott The Hoople reunion shows was filmed (finally!), and is also now available.

Also relevant is a (German) Beat Club DVD, "On The Road Again", which includes Mott The Hoople performing At The Crossroads in 1970. Fans who attended the 1999 Mott The Hoople fan convention may remember this forming part of the video show. I have also included the Down n Outz Live at the Hammersmith Odeon DVD - this was Joe Elliott's Mott/Hunter tribute band that opened for Mott The Hoople on the last night of their 2009 Hammersmith shows, and so is highly relevant to this site.

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