Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Steve Hyams CD: "Mistaken Identities"

Sleeve and track listing

Angel Air SJPCD015. (1 star!)

  1. Mistaken Identities
  2. Should Have Done Better
  3. Spanish Tune
  4. Do It Again
  5. Tombstone (Walking On A)
  6. Lost In Me
  7. World Cruise
  8. Lunch Bag Blues
  9. Pick It Up
  10. Shuffle Down Easy
  11. 1234 Kik Along Blues
  12. Lonely
  13. Stay On Your Own
  14. Economic Tragedy
  15. I Fall Over I Fall Down
  16. Dear Louise
  17. Wavy Line
  18. Bringing Me Back


Steve Hyams was a long-time friend of Mott The Hoople who recorded a solo album back in 1974. The album didn't do much sales-wise, and Steve's career nose-dived (no pun intended) in the face of a major problem with drugs. This CD is, therefore, a reissue of that album, with bonus tracks recorded at various stages in Hyams' career.

Mott The Hoople fans may already be aware of some of Steve's work, since he recorded some demos with Mott back in 1977; these demos were eventually released in 1993 under the name Featuring Steve Hyams. Steve had a good voice, and backed by a powerful band the combination could have worked, Steve's problems notwithstanding.

Sadly, little of that power is in evidence here. Steve can obviously sing, but there's no power, no balls, either in his singing or the band's playing. Some of the songs are the same as were demoed in 1977 but are different recordings and lack the power and delivery of the 'Mott' versions. Morgan Fisher plays keyboards on some of these tracks, but even his playing is not enough to resurrect the album.

The CD comes with an eight-page booklet, which includes photos of Steve (half of them taken with the Mott boys). For fanatical Mott/Morgan Fisher completists only.