Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Ian Hunter CD: "The Artful Dodger"

Sleeve and track listing

Citadel CITCD 1. (4 stars!)

  1. Too Much (Hunter)
  2. Now Is The Time (Hunter)
  3. Something To Believe In (Hunter)
  4. Resurrection Mary (Hunter)
  5. Walk On Water (Hunter/McNasty)
  6. 23A, Swan Hill (Hunter)
  7. Michael Picasso (Hunter)
  8. Open My Eyes (Hunter/Bath)
  9. The Artful Dodger (Hunter)
  10. Skeletons (In Your Closet) (Hunter/Bath/Plain)
  11. Still The Same (Hunter)
  12. F*ck It Up (Hunter) 1

1 Bonus track on the 2014 reissue

Sleeve variations

Original Norwegian sleeve

UK release picture disc


Ian recorded his 1997 album in Canada and Norway in 1995. Ian used a variety of musicians on this album, but he retained Bjørn Nessjø as producer because Ian was impressed with his work on Dirty Laundry. Ian jointly owns this recording with Bjørn (recordings are normally owned by record companies), and is now leasing it to record companies. Ian felt he needed management before he could do this in the UK and USA, which is why this album was released initially only in Norway (in 1996).

This is a strong album, though it takes a couple of listens to get used to. This is mainly the fault of Too Much, which is a slow opener - the rockers come later, but it is not another Laundry (that said, tho', a friend of mine bought this album immediately after the Burnley gig purely on the strength of Too Much). The standout tracks are Now Is The Time, Something To Believe In, 23A Swan Hill and The Artful Dodger. Michael Picasso, Ian's tribute to his mate Mick Ronson is quieter and more subdued than the live version we'd grown used to (from tapes of the Ronson Memorial show). Resurrection Mary is also a different tempo from the version performed at the Mick Ronson Memorial Concert in 1994.

Ian has described this album as being his most focussed. He also says that he is still writing... maybe his next album won't take another six years!

The album was released in the UK on 21st April 1997 on the Citadel label (CIT1CD); the title track was released as a single on the same day (CIT101CDS). This single included the non-album track F*ck It Up.

The UK release is a picture CD and comes with some nice photos of Ian, together with lyrics.