Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Widowmaker CD: "Widowmaker"

Sleeve and track listing

Angel Air SJPCD413. (3.5 stars!)

  1. Such A Shame
  2. Pin A Rose On Me
  3. On The Road
  4. Straight Faced Fighter
  5. Ain't Telling You Nothing
  6. When I Met You
  7. Leave The Kids Alone
  8. Shine A Light On Me
  9. Running Free
  10. Got A Dream
  11. Come On Up1
  12. Too Late1
  13. El Doomo1

1 BBC live in concert 1976.


(This is the UK band 'Widowmaker' from the mid-70's. Not to be confused with Dee Snider's solo band.)

Widowmaker's first album is a strong one. They should have been big, but somehow that never happened and disbanded after recording a second album. Ballads such as Pin A Rose On Me and Pin A Rose On Me sit side by side with rockier tracks like On The Road and When I Met You. They were good live, too. They recorded an 'In Concert' programme for BBC Radio 1, three tracks of which are presented here. For the full show, you need to seek out the 2-CD set Straight Faced Fighters. As such, this disc is of historical interest only.

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