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Mick Ronson CD: "Slaughter On 10th Avenue"

Sleeve and track listing

Snapper Music Label/Dead Quick Music SMMCD 503. (3.5 stars!)

  1. Love Me Tender
  2. Growing Up And I'm Fine
  3. Only After Dark
  4. Music Is Lethal
  5. I'm The One
  6. Pleasure Man/Hey Ma Get Papa
  7. Slaughter On 10th Avenue
  8. Solo On 10th Avenue
  9. Leave My Heart Alone (live)
  10. Love Me Tender (live)
  11. Slaughter On 10th Avenue (live)


Mick Ronson's first solo album was recorded at the end of 1973, and he toured the UK promoting it in February/March 1974. The attendant media hype and music biz pressures ensured this album wasn't all it could (or should) have been. Mainman (Tony DeFries) persuaded him he was a singer, a front-man, and that he could be the next David Cassidy. Which Mick went along with for a while, but the tour was less than a success, and he started thinking that being a front-man wasn't what he wanted to do. Maybe if he had been promoted as a guitarist (eg the next Jeff Beck) rather than a singer, things might have worked out differently.

Anyway, this is his first solo album. It was first released on CD as part of the Only After Dark 2-CD set, which is now deleted, so this CD is a welcome re-issue. This time it comes complete with the original artwork and the same bonus tracks as before, plus a new bonus track, Solo On 10th Avenue. This is effectively the guitar parts from the title track. Someone commented that you shouldn't play this if you are a guitarist - you will be completely humbled.

The sound quality on this set is excellent, as is the packaging.