Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Morgan Fisher CD: "Peace In The Heart Of The City"

Sleeve and track listing

Cherry Red CDMRED164. (3.5 stars!)

  1. Melt Into Love
  2. Illustrious Façades
  3. Spaces Between Cars
  4. Birds Over Buildings
  5. Peace (Go Slowly)
  6. Life Goes On
  7. Urban Satori
  8. Naive Sophisticate
  9. End Of An Era
  10. Simple Song (City Song)


Morgan Fisher played keyboards with Mott The Hoople. When the last of their offshoots, British Lions, died a premature death in the late 70's, Morgan found his life at a crossroads. He immersed himself in eastern meditation before, via a circuitous route, settling in Japan in the mid 80's, a happier and more tranquil man. And he's been there ever since, working on all manner of projects and recording albums in his own studio.

Although previously issued in Japan in the late 80's, this CD is in fact a new recording of that album. Be warned, though: fans expecting an album full of pounding rock keyboards, such as he used to play in his Mott days, should stay well clear. This, musically, is as far from Mott as you're ever going to get. Instead, you get nigh on an hour of the more beautiful and tranquil music you can hope to hear.

They're not songs as such, more compositions (all instrumental) so you won't find yourself singing along... but put this CD on after a hard day at the office, after being stuck in seemingly endless traffic and suddenly you're in another, more peaceful world. A world without grime, bustle, smog... a world rolling green hills, warm sunshine and no worries to spoil your day.

Opening track Melt Into Love is beautiful, as is Space Between Cars. If truth be told, several of the tracks sound "samey" to be, but that doesn't matter. Ambient music, background music, call it what you will, it is music to unwind to, to let your mind relax and float free... Album closer, Simple Song (City Song) is played at such a gentle pace and fades out so gracefully you can so easily lose yourself, only to realise the CD finished some minutes ago.

The CD comes in a clear jewel case with an 8-page booklet, chronicling Morgan's search for his inner self. It is, we are told, the first of a series of albums by Morgan (the next will be Water Music, which has also previously been available in Japan), so hopefully these albums will now reach a wider audience.

This CD is highly recommended by me, because it is so very different from what many Mott fans might listen to, and your senses deserve a change. Go on, treat yourself!