Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter

Sleeve and track listing

Angel Air SJPCD294. (3 stars!)

  1. My Masochistic Side
  2. Find Yourself
  3. It's a Funny Old World
  4. Don't Do This To Me
  5. Affected
  6. Baby
  7. Apollo 09
  8. In The City
  9. Long Time No See
  10. Sweet, Sweet Girl


I always look forward to Verden's albums. The swirling sound of his Hammons organ was a key part of the live sound of the early Mott, so it should come as no surprise that the Hammond plays a key part on his albums. He is a keyboard player, after all.

As with his previous album, Verden plays all the instruments himself. Thus this is a true solo album rather than a band effort. Guitar and drums are therefore perfunctory rather than leading and act as a framework around which the song is built. The album starts out strong with the title track, which is up there with Verden's best. It's A Funny Old World is another one that stays in the memory long after the album has finished.

The same cannot be said for Long Time No See which is a reworking of the standout track from Verden's first album. I think the original was much stronger - here it just doesn't stand out and should perhaps have been left alone.

As for the remaining tracks, nothing really stands out. After several plays I still cannot remember how any of them go (and believe me, I've tried). They're not bad (good Lord, no), it's just that they don't grab me by the throat and demand my attention.

In short, this is a bit of a mixed bag. Two good tracks, a disappointing reworking of a previously great track, but a bit of a let down overall. Completists will want to track it down but for the casual fan I fear this may end up gathering dust on the shelf.