Ian Hunter Gig Reports

2000 "Once Bitten" Tour

Ian undertook a short tour to promote the Once Bitten Twice Shy 2-CD set. The following dates were played:



Spring 1999 UK Tour

Ian toured the UK in April 1999. The following dates were played:

New York City gig

Ian appeared at the Bruce Henderson Charity Ball, New York City:

Ian performed two songs, Once Bitten Twice Shy and All The Young Dudes.

Autumn 1997 European Tour

I believe this is now the definitive list of Ian's European tour dates. All gigs after Berlin were pulled - the reason being the tour promoter. It seems he was useless, and didn't pay either the band or the bus company. In short, he did a runner, leaving the band in Berlin with no money, no bus and no means of shipping their gear back to the UK. Some gigs before then had been rescheduled, sometimes at short notice. A gig was planned in Munich, for example, but was pulled with little warning - I know one fan from the UK made the trip only to find the venue no longer did gigs...

Autumn 1997 (UK)

Spring 1997

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